Meet The ByBuy Team

Meet the Team

At our heart, ByBuy is always about people.  We have a great team, committed to bringing all "ByBuyers" the best deals along with a lot fo fun and excitement too!  We can't wait until we launch our 'in store' price competitions!

Sarah K

Sarah K.

Curator, Deal Lover, Mommy!

I'm just like you! My life is crazy.  I have two adorable kids, plus 2 more with my partner.  Time and money are always tight, as I laugh and stress my way through the day.  And I love shopping.  And I love deals.  My promise is to always do my best to find ByBuy people, women and men, the best deals possible!

Charlie the boxer


Mommy's Special Baby

Woof, woof.  How can I help you Mommy?